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Messian Dread's meditations and other writings have provoked a lot of reactions, both positive and negative. And questions, of course. They are adressed in this page.


Which Rastafarian or Christian Organization do you represent?
Not a single one. The articles and meditations on my homepage are my own findings, results of my own studies. I have affection for some movements and organizations, such as the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Evangelical Movement, but I do not represent any denomination or house of any Christian or Rastafarian congregation.
Are you a so-called "Messianic Rasta"?
It depends on what you mean with it, but it's safely to say "No". The reason for that is that a certain group is called by that name and I am not a member of that group.
Are you a so-called "Fulfilled Rasta"?
It depends on what you mean with it, but it's safely to say "No". The reason for that is that a certain group is called by that name and I am not a member of that group.
Why do you say "Yesus Kristos", "Yeshouah", and not just "Jesus Christ"?
That is because I want to stress, that the Saviour is not an English invention. He dwelled in Israel where they called Him Yeshouah (or Yeshua). In Ethiopia they pronounce His Name Iesous Kristos. And yes, I also talk about Jesus Christ. So I do it to stress the fact that it is not so, that only the "correct" English translation of the Name is to be applied when talking to or about the Divine Saviour.
Are you a Christian or a Rasta? Or perhaps both? 
Yes, I am a Christian because I know myself to be born again in Yesus Kristos through the Holy Spirit on august 6, 1985.

I don't actively call myself a Rasta and for the rest I know who I am, or trying to find it out anyway. I don't want to be one of these people who like to call themselves Rasta without actually being one. I think it's better to know who you are and simply know that those who know, they know what they should know.

I do not actively call myself a Rasta but people call me Rasta. And they do so, either because they are Rasta themselves, or they want to bash me because they hate Rasta and/or me.

I am not anti-Rasta, that's for sure. And I don't mind being called a Rasta by one who knows what Rasta is so to speak, but I don't want to help out those who are anti-Rasta and usually "accuse" me of being a Rasta. 

But the only true problem in this is "calling yourself a Rasta", which is different than being one.

So who feels it knows it, and I think I know who I am to a certain extend anyway...

Why do you refuse to call yourself a Rasta?
I am a born again Pagan, I am born into the "Body of Kristos". I know myself to be grafted on the same tree where the natural branch is Israel. I see the movement of Rastafari as (part of) Israel. Yes, there is many in Israel/Rastafari who I know to be in the Body of Kristos too. But not everybody in the Body of Kristos is of Israel.

I don't know how accurate my ideas are concerning this, but for me it is impossible to not see the Movement of Rastafari as apart from Israel in some way.

The key for that can be found in the way I look to Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian Emperor.

When it comes to Rastafari, I see the political function of the Ethiopian Emperor as relevant. 

For the Ethiopian Emperor, is the Ikon of Kristos in His Kingly Character: representing the Power of the Trinity, Who is Yesus Kristos. Political-legally, as seen from the Bible too, it means that a true Rasta is a subject of HIM civilization, that is the true Judeo Christian Civilization, from the Ikon of Christ in His Kingly Character.

So I do not necessarily consider myself to be Rasta, simply because I am not of Israel, neither spiritual neither carnal. I also do not believe that becoming a part of the Body of Kristos means one has to be part of Israel. In fact, the Body of Kristos is grafted branch and Israel natural branch. The Tree is more important. The tree is Abraham and the roots is JAH.

So I can not call myself Rasta. But some other call me Rasta because for them it is a different thing. 

I would also like to draw some attention to the question: Why do some people call themselves Rasta, or "Messianic Rasta"?

They are looking for themselves. But Yesus Kristos said: "If you look for yourself you will lose your life. But if you lose yourself you will get Life". And so, for me, as an ex-pagan, I can only know myself when I look who I am in Kristos. Only, stricktly, through Kristos. And Kristos is black.

I am grafted, spiritually. I know my place. I know where I am being called out of. I know where I am being saved out of. I have listened to the voice of JAH Rastafari as He used Israel/Rastafari to guide me straight back to Him through Yesus Kristos alone. JAH Rastafari is the God of Israel, but also the Creator and thanks trough that, now I as pagan have peace with JAH too. Israel made known to me the Name of the Creator: JAH. And Yesus Kristos, JAH Rastafari in the flesh, has made me born again through His Holy Spirit. Not my works, stricktly grace from JAH.

Is there another Christ except for the black Christ? No, only false Christs. Is there another God except for JAH RASTAFARI the GOD OF ISRAEL? No, only lesser gods and false gods.

So then, when JAH tells me I am dread (He told me this in 1987), I know He did not tell me I am Rasta. For Rasta is not only spiritual, and my complete identity is spiritual as I have lost my life when I became born again.

Some people claim you should call yourself a Rasta. Any comments? 
As a matter of fact I do have some comments. This is something which I have been confronted lately (august 2005) as well.

There are two "kinds" of people who want me to call myself a Rasta.

The first group are Rastas themselves and they recognize who I am, perhaps even more than I do myself. They would say so. 

But the most important group is formed by "Anti-Rastas".

Basically, it boils down to a definition of Rasta that these people hold within themselves. According to their definition, I "must be a Rasta".

But I am not sure whether I myself would agree with their definition. I don't even know if I fit their description of a Rasta.  

So that is why these people would want me to do a thing like that. To confirm their own ideas and use me as a scapegoat to keep themselves wherever they are. 

I know myself to be connected with this movement of Rastafari, without calling myself Rasta. This has to do with "what is true Rasta" as much as "who is true Rasta". 

Some things simply happen to you...

I grew up and although my parents have shown me Yesus Kristos, I saw the white geezus portrayed from the very pulpits of the church system. It was the voice of JAH Rastafari primarily through music first, Who called me to Him. I found out that JAH Rastafari was a Biblical Name and Title of... JAH Rastafari! Then I acknowledged Yesus Kristos as the Lord of my life and His sacrifice to be sufficient to get peace with JAH Rastafari, the Creator. In other words, I became born again.

Until I became born again, I was faced with a situation in which I knew that JAH Rastafari was calling me, using the movement of Rastafari. For I could never have found the Black Messiah in this Pentecostal church system I grew up in.

So then, His Imperial Majesty has shown me Iesous Kristos. It's the movement of Rastafari, being this Israel, doing what Israel should do: proclaiming the Name of JAH to the pagans. Pagans like me, who had to become born again in the Black Messiah (Is there a white geezus that is the True Yesus Kristos? I say: NO!), could not have find Yesus Kristos if we were not shown His Imperial Majesty, the King of not-so-spiritual Israel, in the legal/political sense.

Maybe this goes to deep for a short explanation... In short, currently I think it is possible that the movement of Rastafari IS Israel in it's Messianic Form, the only true form, the only true Judeo Christian form. For it is abject nonsense to speak about the west as if it is "Judeo Christian". The west claims to come from "the cradle of civilization" and the Ethiopian true Judeo Christian Civilization comes from the bible and the Davidic Christian Bloodline.

The fact that the movement of Rastafari is under this Kingship of Haile Selassie (literally: the Power/Government of the Trinity, that is Yesus Kristos in His Kingly Character) means that they ARE Israel. For is there an Israel without the Davidic King on the Throne? Is there an Israel which does not acknowledge The Power Of The Trinity, Yesus Kristos?

But still, I see this Israel as separate from the Body of Yesus Kristos. I mean, being the ex-pagan that I am (born again in 1985), how can I call myself from Israel where I am obviously not?

But isn't one of the most important things within Rastafari the message: "Know Yourself"? It is true. We must know who we are. When you are Rasta, you know that you are Rasta. And you look around you and reality doesn't lie. Because you know.

I know, that even though I am not of Israel, I am a son of Abraham. Spiritually. True, it's a bloodline as well but I personally can not say anything about that in the context of "know yourself". I had to become born again through the black Yesus Kristos, I know that...

So then, how can I say I am not of Israel, and still be connected? Because of the tree of Abraham, which is not of Abraham but of JAH Rastafari. Thanks to Yesus Kristos, JAH Rastafari is my roots. Strong Roots.

Both Israel and the Body of Kristos or all true believers in Yesus Kristos are branches of the same tree.

In my idea, I would see the Movement of Rastafari as part of this natural branch, but not of the grafted branch persay.

Do you believe Haile Selassie is God and why (not)? 
No, I don't. His Majesty himself was very clear about it himself. There are also many Biblical reasons why I don't believe HIM was God. I do not see this fact as a reason not to call myself a "Rasta", by the way. 
Why do you wear dreads?
I am not a "dread to reach the dread", if you maybe thinking that way. The reason why I see red gold and green is because I reject red white and blue. 

In other words, I know that by using the African (only non Babylonian) colors, I chant down Babylon. Just like when I have dread I chant down Babylon. I am a dread to reach the Babylonians with the dreadful warning of the coming wrath of JAH.

You will not see me on a "mission trip to Jamaica". But you will see me chanting down Babylon with words, music and prayer in the middle of Babylon. 

Dreads are an outward sign of an inner livication (rather then deadication) to the Most High God, JAH. In the Bible, in the book of Numbers Chapter 6 you can read that JAH likes it that way. This sign is for Babylon, that the wrath of JAH will be dreadful.

What is "Babylon"? 
This cannot be answered in a few lines. The simple reason for that is, that Babylon is a mystery. In short, Babylon is a state of con-fusion caused by spiritually fornicating with the system of Lucifer. The name Babylon can be given to everything caused by the mystery.

In the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, you will find this mystery revealed. And, as a matter of fact, throughout the whole Bible you will find the mystery revealed.

Originally, the name is given to Nimrod who was the founder of what we now call "Civilization". This "Civilization" is in fact the road to global rule of none less than LUCIFER or SATAN. What is today known as "Judeo Christian civilization" or even ""civilization" can be called Babylon.

In the Bible, Mystery Babylon is revealed to be a spiritual entity. She is called "the Mother of harlots and all abominations" and it is said that "all the kings fornicated with her". Babylon has, as we see, many spiritual children. All of her children carry her name.

We can see the political and religious forces that terrorize the planet, for example. The so-called Christianity of the Roman church and the globalistic United Nations are clear expressions of Mystery Babylon. Their boasting of "cradles of civilization" should speak volumes to the attentive observer of times.

We can see spiritual forces at work in the minds of men, bringing them in a state of spiritual con-fusion as we can see in the New Age Movement. This is the ancient Babylonian Mystery Religions at work...

Why do you call yourself "Messian Dread"
Most Jews do not believe that Yeshouah is the Messiah. But some do, and because of their Jewish Identity they won't stop calling themselves Jew. They're Messian Jews. I am a Messian Dread. 
How does one become a dread? 
The most easy answer would be, grow them on your head. But simply growing Dreadlocks on your head, doesn't make you one. The truth is, that one becomes a dreadlock in the Mother's womb, before one is born. But it is also part of an Identity which can only be fully expressed in combination with a personal desire to separate one self to Jah. And many, within this identity, choose to become dread.

So you become a dread either because Jah made you to be one or because you choose to serve JAH by becoming a dread.

Are you, what they say, "born again"?
Yes, I have surrendered my life to Yesus Kristos on the 6th of august, 1985. I remember that date very clearly.


Have you ever worked with Christian Organizations?
Yes, I did, in the 1980's. I have learned a lot from working for an organization called "Youth For Christ". I have also worked with people associated with an organization called "Youth With A Mission".
What have you learned from working with them?
I learned to work with other Christians who had a totally different view on certain things. It has formed me to a great extend, to stick to the foundation, Yesus Kristos.
Have you ever worked for a specific Church or Denomination?
No, because I think it is not good to limit one's self to one specific denomination. People choose a church that fits their personality, and personalities can vary. Churches always want to have new members, and not everyone can fit in the same church.
Have you joined a Church, or do you go to some kind of regular meeting?
I feel connected with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and to the Evangelical Movement, and I have joined an evangelical church although I do not work for that church or visit it's services.
What do you think about using marijuana?  
This is a very difficult and complicated question. Using herb is probably, after the believe in the divinity of Haile Selassie, the most controversial subject in the relationship between Christians and Rastas.
Unlike some of my evangelical brethren, I do not condemn the use of herb in itself. But having said that, I must stress the importance of a clear and conscious mind as well. I have seen many people that stopped using herb because it did not help them in their relationship with Jah. But there are also people that smoke herb and it does not affect their believe in any negative way.
I think the best is, not to smoke herb. But if you are smoking it and you are a Christian, you should ask yourself some questions: "Why do I use it?", and: "What happens after I use it?"
The Bible unfortunately doesn't mention hashish and/or marijuana, where archeological findings prove they were used in biblical times and places. Many evangelical Christians reject marijuana where they also reject alcohol, for the same reasons. And the Bible does speak about alcohol and does not condemn it in itself. It rejects abuse.
There is also the Greek word of "pharmakeia" in scripture, which is translated with witchcraft. Close analysis of the texts, in my opinion, leads to the interpretation of this word as "the use of drugs to obtain spiritual experiences". I do not believe, the use of marijuana in order to establish a closer contact with Jah is a biblically founded principle.
Check yourself: Don't smoke it if you think it is herb that gives you a better contact with Jah. Only Jesus Christ is the Door, the Way and His Holy Spirit is our Daily Guide. Nothing else. Don't smoke if you're no longer able to think straight.
But if you're against smoking, and you meet brethren who do, please bear in mind, that in various cultures smoking herb is seen as an innocent relaxation, like coffee, tobacco, wine and beer. It is sometimes used as a medicine. It doesn't necessarily have to lead to apostasy, hard-drugs, and other bush where straying sheep can be caught into.
I've read what you wrote on herb. I still want to know if you smoke it yourself, and if so, how much?
I suppose I could say yes or no, but I won't. If I would smoke herb, I would not think different about it, then if I would not smoke it, so it won't actually add anything to what I already said about it. And if I would answer that question, after explaining my stance towards it, I would drive attention to myself instead of what I say. And I do not think that I am that important. Besides, I would like to challenge each and everyone to think for one's self, and not do or don't do something just because someone else is or is not doing it.

Let me add to this, that I find the question itself ridiculous. It's a question that comes from a mind-set which puts the emphasis on me as a person rather than what I have to say.

I am a Christian struggling with the question if I can smoke or not. What advise can you give me?
I can only point you out to Kristos Yesus. If you are a Christian, then you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour. He will guide you. I can however give you some guidelines you can consider before you will make your decision. You can trust the Lord to guide you in this, when you sincerely ask Him.
I would like to go to the motivation behind it. Many people in the Christian World do not smoke herb but want to smoke it. So they should ask themselves: Why am I not smoking it, and why should I want to smoke it?
Some people smoke it to get revelations. I think that's dangerous, and the Lord is certainly not limiting Himself to reveal Himself only if people smoke herb.
Some people smoke it to escape reality. When Christ is your reality so to speak, for He said that He is the Truth (Reality), perhaps you should consider if your perception of reality shouldn't be a little different, for when you are a Christian, then Christ is your Reality, why then would you want to escape from Him?
Some smoke it because it is a part of their culture. They're not using it like drugs, but like a way of enjoying themselves. The Bible doesn't necessarily say that you can't drink a little bit an enjoy yourself. The people in Cana were really enjoying themselves over the wine that our Lord and Saviour had given them.
So I think you should base your decision on your own relationship with God through Christ, by prayerfully testing your motives.


Yesus Kristos



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